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How to Learn Quran Online with is a website that lets you learn Quran at home on the internet with 100% Arabic teachers.

OnlineQuraanAcademy offers as well as Quran Class Online for adults and children. Her program has been taught for over 8 years on the Internet and has proven itself to students who testify their satisfaction the site.

Learn To Quran Online

Online Quraan Academy teaches Quran class online. Two methods of learning the Quran are available according to your time.

  1. Learning the Quran with the  rules of tajweed
  2. Correction of reading and tajweed learning

The Quran program is divided into 3 stages.

  1. Learn to read the Quran and improve its reading
  2. Correct the outputs of the letters and study their peculiarities
  3. Studying tajwid to correct any misconduct

Online Quraan Academy providing the best Online Quran Class With Tajweed

The reward of the Muslim who grants a delay to a debtor or who cancels his debt?