How To Learn Arabic OnlineHow to Learn Arabic online

If you want to confirm your religious faith and receive an Islamic education, you will have to learn the Quran, the language of the Prophet Allah, the Arabic Quran and this question your mind How To Learn Arabic Online.

Understanding of Quranic Arabic implies having previously acquired a certain level of culture Arabic since Quranic Arabic is the ancient language as it was written in feudal liturgical literature.

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We tell you a little anecdote: the so-called “miracles of God in the Quran” show that in the holy book of Islam many antonyms appear the same times. For example, the word “world” appears 115 times, just like the word “beyond”. “Satan” also appears with the same frequency as “angels”, 88 times. The “Paradise” and “Hell”, which appear 77 times.

In more general terms, the Quran (القرآن al-Qur’ān) designates recitation in Arabic. It is the science of Tajwid. Therefore, learning Arabic Quran involves studying the recitation of the Quran, a complex science gradually developed by Muslim scholars throughout history to protect against a possible decline of Islam.

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And since you want to learn the art of reciting the Book of the Prophet Allah, you will have to exercise your memory. With classes for children and adults in Online Quraan Academy, you will have the opportunity to memorize and chant verses of the Quran.

Learning to speak Arabic reciting the Quran is the final stage of the learning process for someone who wants to receive an Islamic education and learn Quran with tajweed, get registration and start learning Today.

Do not hesitate to inform yourself about the different places where you can study Arabic Quranic in any time, anywhere and any place all our the world.

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