Angels have created beings of light, their goal is the constant adoration of their Creator. The term “angel” means messenger because it comes from the Greek word ” Angelos”, and in Arabic language al-Malaikah that has the meaning of messenger and many importance angels of Islam.

The Angels According to Islamic Theology

Angels do not possess divine attributes and are completely submissive to the divine will and orders as such is the goal of their creation: to obey the Creator, unlike human beings who have the ability to choose between following orders or abandoning them, and This will make them responsible for the divine reward or punishment.

They glorify him night and day, uninterruptedly, and do not exhaust themselves for it. (21.20, see 66.6)

The angels of Islam ( al-Malaika ) are creatures that belong to the world of the occult, that is, they cannot be perceived by the human senses, although they sometimes materialize, for example, when transmitting the revelation to the Prophets, as in the case of the angel Gabriel.

Whoever denies the belief in angels would reject the belief transmitted by all the prophets and, therefore, deny the divine message. Angels are not metaphysical or symbolic creations, they are really like other creations and they have different forms, for example, they have wings:

” […] He arranged for the Angels to be His envoys [to transmit His orders to men], some endowed with two wings, others with three or four […]. (35.1) ”

There are three basic beliefs about angels:

The Names of The Angels of Islam

We know the names of several angels of Islam, among them: Hazrat Jibraeel Alaihis Salaam who receives and transmits the Divine Revelation to the Prophets to be announced by them is the angel of the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus. (Read the Holy Quran 26.193-194, 3.45, 19.17). Also known are Hazrat Israfeel Alaihis Salaam, charged with blowing the trumpet on Resurrection Day, Hazrat Mikael Alaihis Salaam in charge of rain and plants and the Angel of Death. We also know about the angels in charge of recording the works of human beings, one on the right and one on the left:

” Know that there are Angels who record your works, Noble scribes who know what you do. (82.10-12)”

Two Angels record their works, one on the right and one on the left. He does not utter a word without an observing Angel who registers it at his side. (50.17-18) ”

The Attributes of The Angels

The belief in their attributes is confirmed in texts of the glorious Quran and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, for example, the angel Jibraeel Alaihis Salaam was presented with the attributes of a traveler with white hair who came to speak about faith, Islam, and kindness with the Prophet, surrounded by his companions.

The Functions of The Angels

Some angels perform special actions, for example, MUNKAR and NAKIR are in charge of asking each deceased in his grave the three key questions for his life in the hereafter: What is your God? What is your religion? and what is your Prophet? Hence the importance of having clear answers to these questions.

” Tell them: the Angel of death will take your souls for he is in charge of it, and then they will appear before your Lord. (32.11) ”

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